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Google announces open source project for offline Web applications

31 May 2007

Google today announced the launch of new open source technology for creating offline Web applications.

Called Google GearsTM, the technology which is currently in its early stages of development, is intended to help the industry as a whole move toward a single standard for offline capabilities that all developers can use.

Google Gears addresses the problem of availability of data and applications when there's no Internet connection available, or when a connection is slow or unreliable.

As application developers and users alike are starting to move to Web-based applications, whether it's email or CRM or photo editing, enhancements that make the browser environment itself more powerful are set to become increasingly important.

Google will plans to work closely with all members of the Web community to converge upon a standard so developers have one consistent API for offline functionality.

Google is offering Google Gears as a free, fully open source technology in order to help every Web application, not just Google applications. As a first example of what is possible, the Google ReaderTM feed reader is available from today with Gears-enabled offline capabilities.

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