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'Green IT' to be showcased at CeBIT 2008

20 October 2007

A dedicated sector about 'green IT' will be showcased at next year's CeBIT 2008 ICT show, and is set to become one of the leading topics.

"Not only traditional industry, but above all the digital sector has some key decisions to make involving the issue of climate protection," said Ernst Raue, Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe.

"The ICT sector has a pivotal role to play in devising solutions to promote energy efficiency and reduce the volume of CO2 emissions."

Three featured components are planned: the Green IT Village, the Green IT Guide and a series of presentations and conferences .

According to authoritative studies the volume of CO2 emissions given off by the world's ICT equipment is roughly equivalent to that produced by international air traffic. Numerous ICT companies have been working for a long time on developing more energy-efficient systems, beginning with power-saving laptops ('green computing') to climate-friendly, so-called 'green computer centres'.

The deployment of intelligent ICT technology to control machines and equipment can moreover contribute to a considerable reduction in the level of energy consumption, cutting costs in the process.

CeBIT organisers hope that the event will act as a platform that can bring together various key innovations.

As the second key 'green' component at CeBIT 2008, Deutsche Messe will be publishing a 'Green IT Guide,' containing a global survey of the key issue of climate protection in the ICT sector and the main solutions approaches by individual enterprises.

The third and final 'green' component at CeBIT 2008 will involve an extensive program of conferences and presentations.

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