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Nokia to integrate Microsoft Silverlight into Symbian OS

04 March 2008

Nokia has announced plans to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60 on the Symbian OS, as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets.

Adding support for Silverlight will extend opportunities for developers to more create rich, interactive mobile applications that run on multiple platforms in a consistent and reliable way.

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering next-generation media experiences and rich interactive applications. Silverlight is already powering thousands of applications around the world and organisations including Entertainment Tonight, the NBA and NBC Universal to deliver superior Web-based experiences to their customers.

Nokia announced that its arrangement will substantially extend the reach of Silverlight by making the platform available for hundreds of millions of devices from a range of manufacturers.

Microsoft will demonstrate Silverlight on S60 during the opening keyote at Microsoft's MIX08 conference on 5 March in Las Vegas.

Silverlight is intended to be available to S60 developers later this year with initial service delivery anticipated shortly thereafter for all S60 licensees.

Currently S60 developers can use: C++ (using native Symbian OS APIs and Open C providing subset of standard POSIX libraries), S60 Web Run-time (supporting standards-based web technologies such as Ajax, JavaScript, CSS and HTML), the Java(TM) language, Flash Lite from Adobe, and Python.

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