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Prices of .com and .net domain names to increase globally

28 March 2008

Domain name registrars world-wide will be faced with an increasing cost of registering .com and .net domain names as of 1 October 2008.

VeriSign, Inc. has announced that the increase will occur as per its agreements with ICANN.

The registry fee for .com domain names will increase from US$6.42 to $6.86, and that the registry fee for .net domain names will increase from US$3.85 to $4.23. The additional US$0.20 ICANN fee will remain unchanged.

Industry sources suggest that further price increases are likely to arise over coming years because it is permitted under the contract between ICANN and VeriSign.

The domain name registration industry is highly competitive, often with low profit margins. The increased costs of registration incurred by domain name registrars are likely to be passed on to consumers.

Verisign states that it is continually fortifying the .com and .net infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and to help protect against service disruptions, and that it is also increasing the capacity of its global Internet infrastructure by ten times by the year 2010.

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