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Run Applications on Google's Infrastructure: Google App Engine

8 April 2008

Google has announced a preview release of Google App Engine, an application-hosting tool that developers can use to build scalable Web apps on top of Google's infrastructure.

"Google has spent years developing infrastructure for scalable web applications," said Pete Koomen, a product manager at Google.

"We've brought Gmail and Google search to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and we've built out a powerful network of datacenters to support those applications.", he said.

"Today we're taking the first step in making this infrastructure available to all developers."

The preview release of Google App Engine is limited to the first 10,000 developers that sign up, all of whom will be restricted to the free quota of 500MB of storage and enough CPU and network bandwidth to sustain around 5 million page views per month for a typical app.

Update: Google has announced that the initial limit has been reached, but developers can ask to receive a notification when more sign-ups become available.

The preview phase is intended to gather feedback from developers. Eventually, developers will be able to purchase additional storage and bandwidth.

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