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Google App Engine to announce open sign-ups, pricing plans, and new APIs

27 May 2008

Google will welcome more than 2900 developers to the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Google I/OTM, the company's largest developer event of the year.

The event opens with a keynote speech on Wednesday, 28 May, and runs through Thursday, 29 May, with nearly 100 in-depth technical sessions about Google's own developer products, and general Web application development.

Wednesday's keynote speech will explore three areas of Google investment that, in close collaboration with the larger Web community, aim to enable increasingly innovative and rich Web applications: making clouds of computing power more accessible to all developers, making the browser more capable and more powerful, ensuring the connectivity that enables the client and the cloud to work in harmony.

"After years of competition among platforms, the Web has won because it's open, because it's ubiquitous, and because there's a passionate community working together to move it forward," said Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering for developer products at Google.

"Openness is great for developers and for users because it knocks down hurdles to building great applications, and because it speeds the next wave of innovation by letting good ideas be shared. The Web doesn't depend on any one API or tool or product, from Google or anyone else. What makes the real difference is the aggregate effect of us all working together, with open standards and open source."

Google App EngineTM enables developers to build their Web apps on the same infrastructure that powers Google's own applications. So developers eager to build highly scalable Web apps will be especially pleased with the following piece of Google I/O news: Google App Engine is announcing open sign-ups. More than 150,000 developers have joined the product's waiting list over the past 6 weeks; on Wednesday, Google App Engine will be available to everyone with no waiting required.

Google App Engine is also announcing its pricing plans (effective later this year) for purchasing additional computing resources; this is something developers have been asking for ever since the initial launch. The product will be free to get started, and in the current preview release apps will continue to be restricted to that free quota. Later this year, once the preview period has ended, developers can expect to pay:

  • Free quota to get started: 500MB storage and enough CPU and bandwidth for about 5 million pageviews per month
  • $0.10 - $0.12 per CPU core-hour
  • $0.15 - $0.18 per GB-month of storage
  • $0.11 - $0.13 per GB outgoing bandwidth
  • $0.09 - $0.11 per GB incoming bandwidth

Lastly, and likewise in response to developer feedback, Google App Engine will provide two new APIs in the coming weeks. The image-manipulation API enables developers to scale, rotate, and crop images on the server, and the memcache API is a high-performance caching layer designed to make page rendering faster for developers.

For more information about Google App Engine, go to .

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