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Programmers invited to participate in Google's global coding competition

17 June 2008

Google announced that registration is now open for Google Code Jam 2008.

Programmers ready to use their coding skills, creativity, and ingenuity to solve a series of challenges can register at

The top 500 contestants will win an all expenses paid trip to the semifinals at regional Google offices, with the top 100 advancing to the grand final at Google's Mountain View headquarters.

In addition to the trip to local engineering offices and Mountain View, finalists will also divide over US$80,000 in prize money:

Grand Prize: $10,000
2nd place: $5,000
3rd place: $2,500
4th-10th place: $1,500 each
11th-30th place: $1,000 each
31st-50th place: $750 each
51st-75th place: $500 each
76th-100th place: $250 each

Registration opens on 17 June, regional finals are to be held in October, before grand final in Mountain View on 14 November.

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