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Google's Web browser launched: Google Chrome

02 September 2008

Google today launched a new open source Web browser called Google Chrome.

Google describes Google Chrome as a new approach to Web browsers that's based on simplicity and power.

"We think of the browser as the window to the web - it's a tool for users to interact with the web sites and applications they care about, and it's important that we don't get in the way of that experience," said Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Product Management, Google Inc.

"Just like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome has a simple user interface with a sophisticated core to enable the modern web."

Features of Google Chrome include:

  • A combined search and address bar quickly takes users where they want to go, often in just a few keystrokes.
  • When users open a new tab in Google Chrome, they'll see a page that includes snapshots of their most-visited sites, recent searches and bookmarks, making it even easier to navigate the web.
  • Each browser tab operates as a separate process; by isolating tabs, should one tab crash or misbehave, others remain stable and responsive, and users can continue working without having to restart Google Chrome.
  • Google also built a new JavaScript engine, V8, which not only speeds up today's web applications, but enables a whole new class of web applications that couldn't exist on today's browsers.

Google Chrome can be downloaded at

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux users will be available in the coming months.

For more information on the open source project, Chromium, visit

Click here to return to the developer information site.


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