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Member Profile: Victoria Cooper

Victoria Cooper has been working in the software industry since 2000.

Q: Why did you decide to work in the software industry?
The appeal of working in a dynamic industry driven by rapid and innovative technological advancement was too much to resist.

Q: What work do you currently do in the software industry?
With a background in software distribution I currently work as a Channel Consultant helping software vendors achieve profitable sell-through of their products within the UK and Europe. Covering both consumer and reseller channels I offer a range of consulting services covering channel and account strategy, distribution, channel management and promotional management.

Q: What advice would you give to people/businesses getting started in the software industry?
From the perspective of achieving consumer and trade channel sales I would advise any newcomer to the software industry to develop an understanding of the retail or reseller models that exist. The power of relationships forged with distributors, resellers, retailers and consumers alike needs to be leveraged within the requisite frameworks to achieve sales success.

Q: What is/are some of the greatest challenges facing people/companies in the software industry today?
I believe software vendors need to look at ways of integrating new business models such as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS)into their delivery mechanism portfolio. These models are growing in popularity within the SME and corporate sectors and are likely to have a radical effect on the overall software landscape in the future.

Contact details:
Email: vcooper [at]

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