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You can read some of our articles about the software industry below. To view all articles published, please register as a member and login to your member's area.

Google's next-generation architecture & your website
Google has announced that it has developed a next-generation architecture that will soon be launched, and which may change the way that some search results are displayed. Find out what this means for you as a website owner and how to discover how your site will perform in the new system.

Producing video for the Web
Learn about producing video content that's best suited for the Web.

Protecting your website's intellectual property online
Your website's domain name, images, text, design, and trademarks are just some of the online intellectual property that you own and that need protection from common online risks.

About PAD files
An introduction to how PAD files are used by software publishers to list their software on download sites.

Making your site's content Web-friendly: writing for the Web
Writing for the Web differs from other forms of writing. Find out some of the most important points to keep in mind when writing content for your website.

Creating a logo for your software business
Logos are a great way to build brand recognition for your business and enhance its professional appearance.

Promoting your business for free using press releases
Press/media releases are a great way to effectively tell a large number of people about your software business.

What's more popular: classifying software as "free to try" or "shareware"?
Results from a study involving 30,000 software products to find out how most software publishers classify their products.

Translating your software for a global market
Open up new markets for your software products by translating them into other languages.

Creating websites for mobile devices
More people world-wide have access to an Internet-ready mobile device than an Internet-enabled PC. In this article we share with you some concepts that are important when preparing your website for this new frontier in online content delivery.

Protecting your software business' domain name(s)
Your website's domain name is one of the most important online assets your business has.

HTML tutorials (
Learn how to create your own website using HTML with these free webpage creation tutorials on

Web Design Articles (
A free collection of articles related to Web design and Internet marketing is available on



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