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Google's next-generation architecture & your website

Google has announced that it has developed a next-generation architecture that will soon be launched, and which may change the way that some search results are displayed.

In this article we look at what this means for you as a website owner and how to discover how your site will perform in the new system.

The next-generation architecture: a major change

Search engines regularly update their search algorithms to ensure their search results are as accurate as possible.

The most recent update that Google has developed, however, is such a significant change that the company has released a preview so that the Web community can evaluate the new system and provide feedback prior to its implementation.

The newly developed architecture is described by Google as being the first step in "[pushing] the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions".

What does the next-generation architecture mean for you?

Google has said that website owners may notice a difference in how their website is displayed in search results. As a website owner, you want to make sure that your site ranks highly in search results. It is therefore beneficial for you to find out how your site will be affected.

Finding out how your site performs

To find out how your site performs, go to the preview that Google has set up at .

Try entering keywords into the preview that you have tried to optimise your website for. Compare the search results in the preview system to those returned when you use Google's existing search page.

If you notice discrepancies, you may need to optimise your website accordingly prior to the new architecture being implemented, or if you notice differences between the systems, provide feedback to Google using the links provided.

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