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New IBM consulting analyzes company greenhouse emissions

20 February 2009

IBM has announced a new consulting service that can help clients analyse their carbon dioxide emissions and energy usage at any level: from a single department to a worldwide operation.

IBM's Strategic Carbon Management offering is designed to assist clients in developing strategies to better manage and reduce energy use and CO2 emissions while improving efficiency and lowering costs throughout their operations.

By implementing the strategic recommendations, clients could reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 50 percent - ranging from 15-20 percent for travel to up to 90 percent for datacentres - with corresponding reductions in cost.

The Strategic Carbon Management offering uses a number of IBM consulting processes to help companies perform this analysis, including a carbon management diagnostic, carbon footprinting, "green" action planning and business case modelling.

Measuring and monitoring tools and dashboards are used to help clients analyse a wide range of issues and opportunities, including carbon trading, regulations and incentives.

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