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Member Profile: Manoj Shinde

Manoj Shinde has been working in the software industry since 1996.

Q: Why did you decide to work in the software industry? What is your background working in the software industry?
It started with playing games. As soon as I learned programming languages like VB and C++, it became an addition. It is my passion to develop softwares and make them useful to others.

Q: What work do you do in the software industry?
I currently work on various fronts. I work as a Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant. I do a lot of freelance work in VB, VB.NET, Online Marketing etc. I also run a download site and promote my own softwares too.

Q: What advice would you give to people/businesses getting started in the software industry?
Don't come into this industry without a concrete plan. This market is crowded now and you would be wasting your time if you plan to sell another video converter. Be original and be unique.

Q: What is/are some of the greatest challenges facing people/companies in the software industry today?
Updating ourself with the constantly changing technology is the greatest challenge today.

Contact details:
manojshinde [at]

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