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Member Profile: Sanoj Kumar C P

Q: Why did you decide to work in the software industry? What is your background working in the software industry?
Because I love programming. It's really thrilling to me to code a software, chasing and correcting bugs and errors.

Q: What work do you do/have you done in the software industry?
My current position is Lead Software Engineer in a reputed American company's offshore office. More over I have my own business which one was developing, ERP,EMM and other Inventory software. The company was registered as iBerry Logics. We got some good clients and because of the quality of our products and 24x7 support, clients became our marketing wings. We are always thankful to them and always committed on what we are doing.

Q: What advice would you give to people/businesses getting started in the software industry?
To the business people, there is one and only advice about their growth. That is 'Clients are our fortune'. You have to be able to read their mind. But never let the client to be our Boss. And also, always be aware that, our opponent is not the one we thinking, he is behind your shadow. Challenges is on the way, but the challenger never show his face in public, and he will direct us to misunderstandings. Hard work can only gain. And to whom entering to the IT field, I have one advice: 'In IT field, especially in programming field Eligibility is the Qualification for Success'. Both are I learned from my small IT life.

Q: What is/are some of the greatest challenges facing people/companies in the software industry today?
The main challenge in my experience is, there is always someone behind us to catch up our market. Thats not only in IT, but also in every business. Satisfied client is another one. Its too difficult to earn this one. But you can never earn this 100% I challenge!

Contact details:
iberry [at]
sanojcp [at]

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