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Member Profile: Ponnuchamy Varatharaj

Ponnuchamy Varatharaj has been working in the software industry since 1995.

Q: How do you see computers affecting society?
The bloom of computers is so enormous that they not only dominate the field of Information Technology but they have also started to stretch their wings in every field. It has wide scope.

Q: What products does your software business develop?
FlexiMusic Software publishes software for creating audio and music. Our titles are FlexiMusic Wave Editor for audio editing, FlexiMusic Composer for making music, FlexiMusic Kids Composer for children to make music, FlexiMusic Generator to create unique sounds and FlexiMusic Orchestra for hobby musicians.

Q: What work do you currently do in the software industry?
We (FlexiMusic) develop music and audio-related software.

Q: What advice would you give to people/businesses getting started in the software industry?
Get in the field, shine and flourish.

Contact details:
Email: info [at]

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