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Membership Benefits: Your Number 1 Choice (Comparison Chart)

Software Industry Professionals is one of the world's largest groups representing members of the software industry, with over 2400 members in 93 countries. We are committed to being the number 1, most relevant and adaptable membership group in the industry. As a member, you have access to resources, tools, services and networking opportunities to help you be successful and reach your full potential. Join today!

Look at the benefits we offer compared to other software industry associations and organizations:

  Software Industry Professionals
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Association of Software Professionals (ASP) Association of Independent Software Industry Professionals (AISIP) Organization of Independent Software Vendors (OISV)
Yearly membership costs Silver: US$39
Gold: US$99
Standard: Free^
Standard: $100
Supporting: $200
$24 Free
Free Web hosting * Yes No No No
Mobile website available for "on-the-go" access Yes
No No No
Online articles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussion forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Login area for members Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive discounts and offers for members Yes Yes Yes No
Membership logo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Membership verification logo * Yes Yes No No
Optionally list your details on the association's website Yes Yes Yes No
Monthly newsletter Yes Yes No No
Promote and list your software for public downloading Yes Yes No No
PAD file repository (list and retrieve PAD file URLs) Yes Yes No No
List your download site's URL Yes Yes No No
PAD file checking tool Yes Yes No No
List your press releases Yes Yes No Yes
Industry marketplace (list source code, domain name(s), and website(s) for sale to others in the industry + Yes Yes No No
Advertise your products/services to other members Yes Yes No No
Software-related book listings Yes No Yes No
Industry news on website Yes No No No
Optionally list your profile Yes No No No
Sales benchmarking tool * Yes No No No
75 Tips to Successfully Market Software in the Global Economic Crisis eBook + Yes No No No
Membership certificates + Yes No No No

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The above information was last sourced on 25 November 2011 using the latest up-to-date information expressly provided on each association's website. If you become aware of any changes, please report them to us.

Features offered by Software Industry Professionals to:
* Gold members
+ Gold and Silver members
^ Members who joined prior to 1 November 2009 can have their Standard-level membership costs covered by Multimedia Australia.

Why join?

Learn about being successful in the industry
Read free articles and information about being successful in the software industry.

Promote your software products and generate more sales
List your software for free on the exclusive Software Industry Professionals Software Archive.

Network with others online, ask questions and share ideas
Communicate with others in the industry through online discussion forums.

Increase visitors and submissions to your download website
Promote your download website to the Internet community and software publishers.

Online tools
Access online tools that help make your business more successful, such as an online PAD file checker.

Sales benchmarking tool (Gold members)
Find out how your online software sales compare against other software publishers.

Build trust with your customers, partners and increase your profile
Software Industry Professional members are entitled to display the Software Industry Professionals Member graphic on their website, software and stationery. This helps customers recognise your commitment and professionalism in the industry.

Keep up-to-date with monthly newsletters
Each month members receive a monthly newsletter to keep them up-to-date with the latest Software Industry Professionals information.

Discounts and special offers
Software Industry Professionals members have access to discounts and special offers including for Web hosting and domain name registration and software products. For details, click the 'Offers' link in your member's area once you log in.

Browse books
Browse computer and IT-related books that can be purchased.

Create a profile
Promote your software business or website and tell others about your work in the software industry by creating a profile that is displayed on the Software Industry Professionals website.

And much more!

If you have not yet joined and would like to do so, you can join online!


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