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Annual Software Industry Professionals Membership Survey

Software Industry Professionals is one of the world's largest groups representing members of the software industry, with over 2000 members in 93 countries. We are committed to being the number 1, most relevant and adaptable membership group in the industry.

We want you to get maximum advantage from your membership. To help us ensure we can meet this objective, we ask that you please complete the survey below.

Please answer all questions that apply to you.

Software Industry Professionals Membership Survey

I would rate my experience in the software industry as:
 Beginner/novice  Moderate  Experienced  Not applicable/not sure


My Software Industry Professionals membership level is
 Standard membership Standard  Silver membership Silver  Gold membership Gold


If you are a 'Standard' member, are you considering upgrading to a Gold or Silver membership?
  Yes   No   (I already upgraded)
If possible, can you give reasons for your above response?


I like being a Software Industry Professionals member.
 Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Disagree Strongly


My main role (where I spend most of my time) in the software industry is:


The reason(s) I joined as a member is (please select all that apply):
To help get more sales
To network with others
To improve my position in the software industry
To display the 'Software Industry Professionals Member' logo on my website/stationery etc.
To demonstrate my professional standing in the industry
To access the resources (eg: articles, forums, online tools, etc.) available to members
To submit my software, PAD files, and/or download site to the directories
Required by my employer
Interest only
Not applicable
Other reason(s), please specify below:


Software Industry Professionals provides better services and benefits to me than other software industry membership organisations are able to offer.
 Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Disagree Strongly
Based on your answer to the above question, which benefits and services did you consider when selecting your answer?


How often do you visit the Software Industry Professionals Members' Area?
 Daily  Weekly  Monthly  Every Few Months  Never


How often do you visit/browse the Software Industry Professionals discussion forums?
 Daily  Weekly  Monthly  Every Few Months  Never


How often do you read the Members' Update newsletter that is sent to you each month?
 Every issue  Occasionally  Rarely  Never


I would recommend to my friends/colleagues that they join as Software Industry Professional members.
 Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Disagree Strongly


I have already recommended to others that they join as Software Industry Professional members.
 Yes  No


Being a Software Industry Professionals member has already benefitted me.
 Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Disagree Strongly
Based on your answer to the above question, can you give examples?


I look forward to receiving my Members' Update newsletter.
 Strongly Agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Disagree Strongly


How often would you like the Members' Update newsletter published
 Weekly  Twice per month  Monthly  Quarterly  Twice per year  Yearly  Not published


What topics would you like to see in the newsletter?


What do you like about the newsletter?


What do you not like about the newsletter?


All standard costs associated with operating the Software Industry Professionals group are covered by one IT company. Do you know the name of the company?
Yes (please specify which company you think it is below): No


What are the things that you like the most about your membership?
What do you like least about your membership and/or what improvements would you like to see?
Email address (optional)
You can optionally include your email address, and we will inform you about the progress of your suggestion's implementation.
Re-type your email address
If you are including your email address, please re-type your email address above to confirm its accuracy.


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