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About us

Software Industry Professionals is one of the world's largest groups representing members of the software industry, with over 2400 members in 93 countries.

Committed to being the world's leading software industry association

We are committed to being the number 1, most relevant and adaptable membership group in the industry. Members have access to resources, tools, services and networking opportunities to help them be successful and reach their full potential.

Software Industry Professionals strives to gives its members more membership benefits than any other software industry association. Find out how we compare to other software industry associations and organizations on our comparison table.


If you work in the software industry, we invite you to join as a member.

Software Industry Professional members include commercial, shareware/trialware, and freeware software publishers, independent software vendors, private programmers, operators of software download websites, educational institutions and academics teaching in the field of software development/IT, people studying software development/IT and IT marketing/advertising experts.


Software Industry Professionals was founded in May 2006 as an initiative of Multimedia Australia.

Multimedia Australia has been a leading world-wide provider of software and multimedia solutions since 2001.

For more information about Multimedia Australia, please visit Multimedia Australia's corporate site at or the company's home page at


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An initiative of Multimedia Australia.
An initiative of Multimedia Australia.