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Welcome to the Software Industry Professionals industry news site in partnership with the Australia Times, giving you access to the latest news related to the software, IT and technology industries.

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Invisible threat

Brain surgery revolution

Has Destiny 2 pleased video games fans?

How business is driving the new space race

Hands-on with Nest's new home security tech

WhatsApp and YouTube terror video man jailed

Fake website fools Equifax staff

'Payment by vein' trialled in supermarket

Faster fashion

Shared intelligence

London venue is UK's first to use digital-only ticketing

Google: Shared duty to find terrorist material

Instagram Live video 'led to murder suspect's arrest'

Why might Google want to buy part of HTC?

Electric bus in record-breaking journey

What can tech firms do to fight terror?

Facebook trial lets users hide alcohol adverts

YouTube to end paid channels service

Nest reveals alarm system and smart doorbell

Hidden golf game found on Nintendo Switch

Google signs $1.1bn HTC smartphone deal

Nerf guns can lead to serious eye injuries, doctors warn

Craig David 'most dangerous' celebrity to search online

UK 'biggest audience' in Europe for jihadist web content

Neo-Nazi site finds home in Iceland

Pepe the Frog creator in copyright fight

Is Amazon recommending bomb ingredients?

Apple's iOS 11 kills old 32-bit iPhone and iPad apps

Smartphone sales boom with over-55s

Google launches UK 'anti-terror fund'

Manchester police still relies on Windows XP

Slow drive?

The museum where retro video gamers meet up

Staying safe online at 'big school'

Undercover reporter confronts spam text message pair

China Communist Party Youth Twitter account prompts abuse

Nigel - the robot that could tell you how to vote

Google launches India mobile payments app Tez

Google faces lawsuit over removing Gab from Play Store

Uber sorry for 'Wife Appreciation Day' promotion

Alert over booby-trapped security software

Visitors 'help' Pirate Bay mine virtual cash

Microsoft confirms Outlook issues

Chinese maze: Village makes giant tech code from trees

Burger robot rolled out to US restaurants and other news

Equifax says almost 400,000 Britons hit in data breach

UN warning on growing digital 'chasm'

Sports tales

Instagram secrets

Kaspersky cyber-security chief urges customers to stay



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