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Welcome to the Software Industry Professionals industry news site in partnership with the Australia Times, giving you access to the latest news related to the software, IT and technology industries.

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UK watchdog to pursue essay-cheat sites

EE shows off helium balloon mobile masts

Lemur facial recognition tool developed

FBI pressured on cost of iPhone hack tool

Facebook deletes fake child-cancer posts accounts

How hackers could use doll to open your front door

Tech for your cat including a remote-controlled mouse

Hacking toasters

Faster drugs?

Tech regret: Five inventors who questioned their creations

Separation from your phone 'makes you stressed within minutes'

Search engines to 'demote' pirate websites

The colour-changing hair dye

Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules

Guru Brian Krebs' attackers sentenced for data theft

Warning on used cars failing to forget old owners

Snap Spectacles roll out ahead of IPO

YouTube ditches unskippable 30-second ads

Driverless Roborace car crashes at speed in Buenos Aires

Talking to the machine

Musk offers free car to German 'hero'

Ford developing pothole alert system for drivers

ZTE scraps 'design our smartphone' crowdfunding campaign

Sky jam

China's anti-baby trafficking app

Microsoft misses regular security fix date

Google patents 'crumpling' car safety system

Microsoft bumps up Surface prices in UK

Valve 'comfortable' if virtual reality headsets fail

Facebook algorithms 'will identify terrorists'

GCHQ chief: Don't fret over passwords

Meet Tina Guo, the cellist giving gaming a metal makeover

India launches record 104 satellites in single mission

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild paid-for downloadable content divides fans

Yahoo and Verizon 'near to agreeing revised sale terms'

London Dungeon apologises for 'upsetting' tweets

The most 'swiped-right' man on dating app Tinder

What does this purple bird mean?

BBC Travel website is switched off

Twitter u-turn on new abuse tool

Swipe right for new 'mum friends'

Distracted to death

The drone selfie camera and other news

How a Nasa Starshade could help find exoplanets

The flatpack robot that could explore planets

The robot helping children to code and other tech toys

UK targeted by 'dozens' of serious cyber attacks each month

Long jail terms for sewer net fraud gang

Valve to let developers pay to get games on Steam

Ford pledges $1bn for AI start-up



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