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Welcome to the Software Industry Professionals industry news site in partnership with the Australia Times, giving you access to the latest news related to the software, IT and technology industries.

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Scottish Parliament targeted in 'brute force' cyber attack

Amazon launches Instant Pickup service targeting students

Nokia 8 smartphone takes 'bothie' videos

Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?

DJI drones to gain privacy mode after US Army ban

GoFundMe removes campaigns for Charlottesville suspect

AI seeks fantasy football challengers

The right note?

London's armed police to wear helmet cams

Teen's death at Chinese internet addiction camp sparks anger

Lovefilm By Post DVD rental service to close

Facebook launches China-only version of Moments photo app

Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle

A ginger haired emoji is coming to a phone near you soon

Password guru regrets past security advice and other news

Blizzard starts drive to recruit more women and ethnic minorities

US warns of fidget spinner fire and choking hazards

US firm reveals gun-toting drone that can fire in mid-air

Holiday couple watch on CCTV app as Streetly home burgled

Could VR help rehabilitate injured footballers?

Chinese satellite sends 'hack-proof' message

Overwatch League strikes London deal

China's VPN developers face crackdown

FaceApp launches 'blackface' feature, then deletes it after social backlash

Snap shares plunge 14% as losses mount

Drivers avoid pay-by-phone parking bays, says the AA

'Bollywood blocks the Internet Archive'

Facebook introduces new video service

Sexism in the tech industry 'needs to be called out'

Algorithm learns to understand natural beauty 3D Model: "It?s so impressive"

Could 'solar roads' help generate electricity?

Firms face 17m fine if they fail to protect against hackers

Podcast patent ruled invalid by court

Facebook's app for under-21s Lifestage flops

From meds to medals

Japan's 'golden coder' making games apps aged 82

The International: The biggest e-sports event in the world

Sadiq Khan urges YouTube to remove 'violent gang culture videos'

Emojis help software spot emotion and sarcasm

Google employee anti-diversity memo causes row

Boeing jet makes plane outline over America on Dreamliner test flight

Wannacry money laundering attempt thwarted

China holds drill to shut down 'harmful' websites

YouTube child protection mechanism 'failing'

Amazon v Alibaba

The robot spray-painted chimney and other tech news

Deliveroo takes steps to protect workers from violence

Chinese chatbots shut down after anti-government posts

Secret Service to test small drone at Donald Trump's golf club



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