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Welcome to the Software Industry Professionals industry news site in partnership with the Australia Times, giving you access to the latest news related to the software, IT and technology industries.

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The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub

Hyperloop: A visit to the test site of Virgin's train of the future

TalkTalk most complained-about broadband provider

Thousands hit in OnePlus credit card hack

Google tackles Chromecast wi-fi blasting bug

Switch on, switch off

Swimmers rescued by drone in Australia

Tide Pod challenge: YouTube blocks videos after poisoning fears

Intel fix causes reboots and slowdowns

BT guarantees broadband speeds for two new services

Kitty Perry and the copyright lessons for seven-year-olds

Drone hit newly erected crane during Kent site survey - report

Just Eat offers 10 after unwanted texts

Uber to introduce limit on drivers' hours

CES 2018: Floating ads created by Kino-mo's spinning tech

Twitch spamming suspect charged in Canada

Flaw in VR porn app leaves 20,000 names exposed

Captured paedophile

Panic buying

American charged over deadly 'swatting' raid

Malware populates children's apps with porn adverts

Hackers steal $400,000 of crypto-currency

CES 2018: Time machine camera lets you record 'missed moments'

CES 2018: Bringing female equality to the WWE's ring

CES 2018: CarWink emojis seek to replace driver hand gestures

CES 2018: Luka owl robot reads bedtime stories to kids

CES 2018: A look at the show's highlights

PubG 'not eSports-ready' yet - but 'will be one day'

Europe puts 1bn euros into supercomputer research

Snapchat redesign is a 'flop' with users

CES 2018: Wireless recharging while on the move

CES 2018: Food store AI sees what you put in basket

CES 2018: Merge Blaster mixes real world with game

Apple health data used in murder trial

Will taps run dry?

CES 2018: Sticky note printer created for technophobe mother

CES 2018: Longer-lasting gadgets showcased

CES 2018: Square Off smart chessboard moves its own pieces

CES 2018: Panasonic's concept car has pick-your-own views

CES 2018: Omron's ping pong robot keeps ball in play

CES 2018: Amazon Alexa v Google Assistant fight gets fierce

CES 2018: Sony's Aibo robo-dog shows off AI smarts

CES 2018: Robot battles BBC at Scrabble

Meltdown fix can make some machines slower - Intel

Facebook kills virtual assistant M

CES 2018: iKeyp smart safe proves easy to crack open

Taiwanese police give cyber-security quiz winners infected devices

CES 2018: Boxer Floyd Mayweather ducks crypto-controversy

CES 2018: Intel's swarm of drones lights up Vegas night sky

CES 2018: Willow and Freemie breast pumps offer mums freedom



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