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Gold and Silver Memberships Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Software Industry Professionals Gold or Silver member today and benefit from enhanced customer perceptions of your brand by displaying Gold or Silver member logos on your website, and more exclusive features, online tools, resources and services that are progressively made available.

Can I upgrade from a Silver to a Gold membership?
Yes. You can upgrade to a Gold membership from a Silver membership at any time. We will credit the dollar value of your remaining Silver membership period to your Gold membership in addition to your 1 year Gold membership renewal.

Are free standard memberships still available?
Standard free memberships continue to be available to existing Software Industry Professional members who joined as a Standard member prior to 1 November 2009. Gold and Silver memberships are optional upgrades for Standard members.

Can I downgrade my membership later?
Yes. If you no longer require your higher-level membership, simply either renew as a Silver member, or if you became a member prior to 1 November 2009, let your premium membership expire and your membership will revert back to a Standard (free membership status).

What happens if my Gold or Silver membership expires?
If your Gold or Silver membership expires, your membership will either 1) be suspended and may eventually be cancelled or 2) return to a Standard member status if you joined as a Software Industry Professionals member prior to 1 November 2009.

How long does it take to receive my membership certificate?
Gold and Silver membership certificates for new members and membership renewals are generally produced within 1-5 business days.

What are the features for Web hosting plans for Gold members?
Please visit the Web hosting features page for details.

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